A chemical reaction is the transformation of matter to create something new.

The Chemical Invention Factory (CIF, John Warner Center for start-ups in Green Chemistry) brings together visionary scientists and empowers them to evolve chemical inventions.

Chemical Invention Factory is a technological greenhouse to boost visionary scientists initiated by TU Berlin. CIF is devoted to inventions in the fields of Green Chemistry, Materials and Nanotechnology. It will provide state of the art laboratories, excellent research infrastructure, scientific mentors and a community of likeminded entrepreneurs.


Spin-off by UniCat

Our story started with the cluster of excellence UniCat (Unifying Concepts in Catalysis) which also initiated a new culture towards transfer of knowledge into applications. This includes the foundation of start-ups such as DexLeChem respectively DUDE CHEM.

The pilot project INKULAB

The opening of INKULAB in early 2017 provided new lab space to the development of more start-ups. The tailor-made laboratories of INKULAB are the home of several young teams and companies. It serves as role model for CIF.

More sustainable solutions

Arva Greentech, Cellbricks, Mumura, Nano Join​ & Smarterials​, are just some of the companies which resulted from the INKULAB program. All of them developed successful business models based on new materials.

Growing to the next level

CIF will be the first technological greenhouse center for Green Chemistry in Germany. It will be located in a new building at the Charlottenburg campus of the TU Berlin as significant structural measure of the cluster of excellence UniSysCat (Unifying Systems in Catalysis). Through the bundled expertise of our team, advisory board and network, CIF will become the epicentre of chemical innovation in Berlin and beyond.


Warner, John C.

is one of the founders of the field of Green Chemistry and the eponym of CIF.

Kaplan, Wayne D.

is Full-Professor of Materials Science and Engineering (1995-), as well as the EVP for Research (2014-) at Technion.

Hussein, Ali

is Leading Product at Clear Review (2018-).

Hatzack, Frank-Andreas

is the PhD & Senior Executive Advisor at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (2017-).



Our advisory board represents an international map of experts in chemistry, IT and entrepreneurship.

Together with CIF’s scientific directors they will guide young scientists on their journey to a marketable product.​


© Felix Noak

© Phil Dera

© Phil Dera

CIF is represented by the President of the TU Berlin, Scientific Directors Matthias Driess and Reinhard Schomaecker as well as the Managing Director Martin Rahmel. The mission of CIF is to boost start-up activities based on the excellence of the chemical sciences in the Berlin region.

“More than 16 million euros are being invested into the new facility in Charlottenburg in order to create the first incubator for green chemistry. This will bring working space, an entirely new industry and economical opportunity to the city of Berlin.” — Martin Rahmel, Managing Director

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